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Mmk, new journal. If I know you here's the place to let me know. This Livejournal, as with the previous, is Friends only. If I don't know you, chances are I will not add you.
Now... How does this thing work again? *Wanders off to play with technology*
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i'm just crap at keepin' in touch for the mo. and still haven't gotten around to gettin' tinternet. but mostly just crap at keepin' in touch.
i am sorry 'bout it, but that don't make me any less lazy/useless.
i read your updates now and then though and find out what happened or is happening.
i'm crap, sorry. i'll try to make an update soon, and it shall be massive.

love you, even though i don't say it nearly as much as i should.

ps: did you get my b-day message cherry baby? if not i may need to update my phonebook.
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ok, so here's the thing. i found this kick ass meme style thingy... where where people have been drawing batgirl, own style/costume/whatever you feel like. there are also some seriously excellent pictures on this huge list!
and, well, i just had to! although, admittedly, i do plan to put a bit more effort into it and draw a proper one (but will i ever bother, dear reader), i just decided i didn't want to put clothes on her right now... yes i am lazy ;)

enjoy the funky batchicks people drew!

EDIT: i'm on the list now, weee!
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" ...that's 84 kilos of prime, spanish beef" re Nadal. my lord, but i did cackle upon hearing that.
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just because i've never actually specified: this LJ is friends only, the only things that are viewable to the general public are quizzes and memes, random nonsense which has nothing to do with anything and some older entries. this post is for people i know who aren't on my friends list, if you want to be added just let me know you're there.
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mobile is AWOL for the mo, so please do not text/call me on it.
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i'm hopping on the aubrey band wagon. garfield VD.
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christmas quiz from arwen's ljRead more... )
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Shit! accident! deleted my 69 word post, dammit, dammit, dammit!

*curse, fume*
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ooh yes! *ahem ahem* Look at my ICON! woo (on friend pages only, not on my lj) go shiny panted hugh! go! *giggles* had me in histerics for 30mins, all by itself... mesmerizing isn't it... *stares*

credit to jagerbitchicons :)
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it should be illegal to have that much hot rolled into one totty, my point again ... *twitch, swoon*
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*bites tongue*
... lala...
Young God Radio nice, all the swans i want. plus banhart and solo gira of course.
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wow... funny dictionnary
A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:An absense of logic; insane, unreasonable; a byproduct of such insanity; fanfiction.
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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ooh shiny rare interests (stolen from crazy cat lady i just friend-ed :P )
How common are sivastears's interests
books (187437)
cats (130226)
dancing (240343)
drawing (169124)
poetry (197998)
stars (115134)
writing (351052)
cooking (80623)
ice cream (60297)
men (57091)
painting (93064)
women (85340)
bdsm (17329)
biting (17533)
candy (46965)
corsets (20459)
elves (17930)
eyes (39183)
flirting (29168)
hands (10358)
live music (10555)
meditation (17042)
mythology (43145)
pirates (38111)
rpg (14613)
scars (11360)
shiny things (10106)
the moon (16168)
theatre (46819)
thunderstorms (30558)
cellos (1647)
climbing trees (3011)
crosswords (1346)
fairytales (2904)
hamlet (2896)
pipes (2010)
rocky horror (6256)
tattoo (2164)
the sea (2752)
watching people (1928)
collarbones (974)
erotic fiction (689)
jd (472)
lrp (308)
maori (200)
marlene dietrich (865)
medieval weapons (344)
rasputin (502)
titus andronicus (273)
uv (677)
apocrasy (2)
menintightleathertrousers (3)
old mens slippers (2)
shroom hugs (2)

Enter username:

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Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 65.8%
A fool for love, but not always
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 19.6%
Makes Dr. Frank-n-Furter look tame
Fucking Sick48.7%
Don't look in the basement
You are 37.85% pure
Average Score: 72.6%

ooh, shiny!
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MOLEcrazy. If you were any more invisible, you'd
simply not be here.

Fucked up, any?
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sorry for the random style changes, but that other one was really pissing me off...
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